The Resurrectionist General Ways To Protect Your Property In A Real Estate Dispute By Wade Kricken

Ways To Protect Your Property In A Real Estate Dispute By Wade Kricken

Ways To Protect Your Property In A Real Estate Dispute By Wade Kricken post thumbnail image

When you buy a home, you’re entering into a contract with the seller to take care of the property. If anything goes wrong or stops working, it’s up to both of you to figure out how to fix it. Here are some tips for protecting your interests if there’s ever a dispute:

Make Sure You Get Everything In Writing

Writing things down improves recall and prevents misunderstandings. If there is a disagreement, written notes can be used as evidence. When speaking with a reliable person, it is simple to forget to take notes. According to attorney Wade kricken, having a record of your meeting or phone contact will help you resolve any misunderstandings and avoid legal trouble.

Take Pictures Of The Property Before You Move In

Take photos of your new home before moving in. Take images from all angles, including close-ups and wide shots. Take photos of any damage or repairs before moving in. Take pictures of your new spot when you leave to avoid confusion about who caused what damage.

Request That The Seller Have Your Utilities Turned On Before You Move In

Make sure the seller turns on your services before you move in if you’re buying a home. Get a written promise from the seller that they will do these things as part of selling the property. Ask them to pay for it in your offer letter if they reject it. If they refuse again, pay for any required work yourself or have your landlord pay.

Get Your Deposit Back As Soon As Possible After Moving Out

Moving out may require a fee. This covers your cleanup. If the owner doesn’t refund your money within 30 days of moving, claim it. Send your payment request by certified mail with tracking. If this fails, file a small claims lawsuit promptly. Both parties can manage dispute resolution time if local governments provide mediation.

Keep Track Of How Long It Takes For Repair Requests To Be Handled

Wade kricken Keep copies of all seller communication, including emails and text messages. If there are no copies, take pictures or screenshots of these interactions before deleting them from your phone/computer to avoid accidentally deleting them when things get stressful.


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