The Resurrectionist Business Sublime, Sweet and Sexy: Dua Lipa Perfume

Sublime, Sweet and Sexy: Dua Lipa Perfume

Sublime, Sweet and Sexy: Dua Lipa Perfume post thumbnail image

Perhaps you have eliminated out trying to find a unique smell? Something that will change heads and leave an enduring perception? Consider Dua Lipa’s fragrance collection. The British singer-songwriter has collaborated with deluxe brand name, Yves Saint Laurent, to produce the right aroma. Let’s check out why the dua lipa perfume is just what you require for your next night out.

The Perfect Combination of Scents

Dua lipa perfume can be a distinctive mixture of flower and musky scents. It opens up with best notes of blackberry, pear, and lemon—giving it an energizing strike. At its heart lies a bouquet of jasmine, gardenia petals, and peony—the ideal equilibrium of feminine florals that will certainly attract attention from any individual within your locality. As it dries out downward, basic remarks of sandalwood and vanilla flavor build a calming heat and depth that lingers onto the skin for a long time right after program.

A Representation of Dua Lipa’s Fashion

The packing for the Dua lipa perfume is really as beautiful as its smell. The window container has been created in the design of the music container boasting an complex gold top reminiscent of classic jewelry bins through the nineteenth century. This layout reflects Dua Lipa’s adoration for fashion from decades earlier yet still be modern enough to match in every modern home—or handbag! The box also capabilities one of her most iconic lyrics imprinted in daring font—“Don’t play it safe today!” It works as a memory for taking risks and live life to its fullest—just like Dua does every single day!

High Quality at a reasonable cost

The best thing regarding this unique smell is it won’t bust your financial budget. You may get your hands on the 50 ml package for only $95 USD or invest in a smaller 30 ml package for just $70 USD. Both measurements have their very own advantages when you don’t desire to dedicate but, choose the smaller dimension but once you know you would like far more then go ahead and splurge on the larger sizing! In either case, you won’t be frustrated once you get a hold of this luxurious fragrance from Yves Saint Laurent x Dua Lipa!

Regardless of whether you would like a unique smell or maybe want new things to increase your perfume collection, think about trying out Dua lipa perfume. Its excellent mixture of fairly sweet florals with cozy musk makes sure that every person around you will be able to find tips from the enchanting smell throughout your evening out. Additionally, with such inexpensive price points and stunning packaging, this perfume could come to be your go-to selection when deciding on your personal fragrance!


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