The Resurrectionist Medical Family Physicians Are Trained to Care For Patients Like Newborns And Seniors

Family Physicians Are Trained to Care For Patients Like Newborns And Seniors

Family Physicians Are Trained to Care For Patients Like Newborns And Seniors post thumbnail image

Dr Lane Sebring: How Family Doctors Treat Patients Of Every Age

Family doctors (also called general practitioners or primary care physicians) are the primary contact for patients. They provide a wide range of medical services, from diagnosing and treating acute illnesses to managing chronic conditions and providing preventive care. For that, Dr Lane Sebring will explain here how family doctors treat patients of every age.

First of all, family physicians are the primary care doctors for patients with any type of medical condition, from newborns to seniors. These doctors also provide preventive care services, such as immunizations and screenings for diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

Family Doctors Are Not Only General Practitioners, They Also Work With Specialists

The best family doctors are not only general practitioners, but they also work with various medical specialists, which include cardiologists, pediatricians, and psychiatrists.

These specialists can help family doctors with complex cases, as well as provide additional information about a patient’s condition that the family doctor may need to know when making decisions about their care.

Family Doctors Can Prescribe Medications, But Have No Authority To Prescribe Controlled Substances

Family doctors can prescribe certain types of medications, but they don’t have any authority to prescribe controlled substances, such as narcotics or benzodiazepines. Family doctors work with specialists to manage chronic conditions when necessary.

For example, Dr Lane Sebring if a certain patient has diabetes and needs to see an endocrinologist for regular checkups, the family doctor will coordinate this appointment with the patient’s primary care provider (PCP).

Family Doctors Are The Gatekeepers To All Types Of Medical Care

Lastly, family doctors are the gatekeepers to all types of medical care because they are the first point of contact for most people, and play an integral role in coordinating patients’ care across many specialties. Because family doctors are trained to treat all ages, they understand your health needs at every stage of life.

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