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Dr. Jon Kiev – Making Medical Devices Available

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Medical device technology allows healthcare providers to access and track the health data of patients. This data can be used to improve treatment, preventative care and ongoing monitoring. Get the most advanced medical device technology for your patients and staff by Dr. Jon Kiev . A multi-disciplinary team of engineers, scientists and clinicians develop innovative medical devices to improve patient outcomes.
From smartwatches to heart monitors, find the best in medical device tech. Browse from a selection of the latest health tech innovations and connect with knowledgeable team members for answers to all your questions.

Transforming the Way You Navigate Your Health

Medical device technology that makes your life easier. The I-MED 2 is a revolutionary medical device that speaks directly to the user, offering an experience tailored to the needs of each patient. Their custom medical devices are specifically designed for your needs, whether it’s to bridge a gap in care or offer state-of-the-art symptom management beyond what’s currently available. They can tailor a device with the features and specifications that meet your clinical needs, from hardware to software.

They help you make the most of your medical device. Their software constantly learns and adapts to help you improve outcomes for your patients. From analyzing your blood sample to delivering a detailed diagnosis, their medical device technology makes your Dr. Jon Kiev job easier and frees up more of their time to focus on what really matters. These innovative technologies are designed to support diagnostic suites and help make a positive difference in patient outcomes.

The medical device technology platform is the foundation of everything they do. Building it has involved some pretty complex challenges, but it’s also given them an opportunity to develop a solution that could help improve the safety and effectiveness of clinical trials around the world. They use a combination of artificial intelligence and big data analytics to develop models for disease diagnosis and progression, which can be used by researchers and clinicians to accelerate drug discovery and development.

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