The Resurrectionist General Doctor D.J. Bettencourt makes and approves laws that allow you to live in harmony

Doctor D.J. Bettencourt makes and approves laws that allow you to live in harmony

Doctor D.J. Bettencourt makes and approves laws that allow you to live in harmony post thumbnail image

As a political leader, Doctor DJ Bettencourt knows whom he collaborates with and who part of his team is. We have recently heard some politicians defending themselves against accusations that they did not know or were unaware of whom they were collaborating with. Transparency for Dr. Bettencourt is essential.
A political leader needs a work team that provides a real and objective vision of reality, allowing him to make the best decisions since he cannot know everything.
This famous legislator is important since he is a counterweight to the executive branch. He regulates, slows down, and oversees that public policies are correctly implemented and otherwise must impose sanctions. He makes, proposes, and approves laws allowing you to live harmoniously.
Doctor D.J. Bettencourt knows exactly when a task is important and when it is urgent. Time is associated with urgency while achieving objectives is associated with importance. What is urgent requires adequate attention, while what is important can be resolved in the long, medium, or short term.

The best interpreter of the constitution

Lawyers who practice constitutional law, like Dr. DJ Bettencourt, handle disputes arising from articles of the Constitution and US Supreme Court interpretations of the Bill of Rights. They also dispute eligibility requirements to run for public office or to vote.
The set of constitutional norms constitutes the legal framework in which a State’s entire structure is developed to guarantee and protect the rule of law. In this sense, the Constitution is configured internally in a legal-political text that prevails over any law or norm, whose content provides for the fundamental norms that regulate the State, its structure, and the social order.

A legislator in constant preparation

Doctor D.J. Bettencourt, as a legislator, reviews the fundamental pillars established by the Constitution and some of its practical implications for citizens, where in his opinion, the formula of the social and the democratic rule of law is probably the most important definition in the text, because it defines the role of the State in the economy, society and in people’s lives.

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